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James Hull

We engaged Sheri again shortly after taking over. Our problem was that there were no processes in place and the previous owners outlawed documentation. Sheri was a world-wind in seeing what was missing, getting it written and put in place. She also helped our manager (who had been forbidden to tell maintenance what to do under the old owner) get control of the maintenance team. Sheri played bad cop and we played good cop but did not change any of the rules she put in process.

Sheri got them focused on fixing liability issues, dumping all the crap out of the storerooms (aka garbage dumps)as well as speeding up the tickets. In their spare time, they picked up every cigarette butt and bottle top across 6 acres!

She gave us a real leg up on getting the property running in the right way. I will use her on all my new properties. Also, each year, I will call her back to help us refocus on the right things. She is worth her weight in gold.


Jose Betancourt

We just get our 1st Apartment Complex 61 units and after 9 months of operations still bring it to reasonable working daily operations, Investors Freedom first made an assessment of the property, from all angles, and then send us a recommendations and proposal to get the property running and working smoothly and a lot more organized.
After we took the proposal, Sheri did awesome work, organize and train Manager, and cover a lot of small details and issues to comply with City Ordinances as well to the City Codes, she have really deep acknowledge of the Apartment Industry in all areas.

I would recommend services from Investors Freedom as important part of your operation.

David Cheuvront

Having recently taken our investment over from third party management we found ourselves with a new, inexperienced staff and a backlog of unresolved issues. We also realized that we knew very little about running a multifamily business.

Sheri Burton came in, took up the reins and trained us all. She answered phones, spoke with tenants, lined up vendors, organized files and revamped procedures. She showed us how to effectively walk a property, work up a punch list and set up mini-models. She developed a budget and instructed us in effective presentation and marketing. Just watching her work was an education in itself.

Our newly-minted manager has learned to lease and is becoming confident and efficient in her job. Our maintenance man now knows what is expected of him and has begun taking pride in his work.
We've learned what to expect from our employees, vendors and contractors and how to become aware of what is actually going on at the property. Staff accountability plus help and advice on hiring, firing and negotiating are all part of what Investor's Freedom has to offer.

In short, Ms. Burton gave us a template for effectively running a property -- one which we can continue to use on subsequent purchases. We cannot praise Investors Freedom highly enough.


Investors Freedom P.M. Services provides a number of services to benefit Leads looking for properties as well as Leads that are running properties.  Basically, this service will touch on all steps in feasibility except contract/vendor inspections. They can provide a lot of assistance that is unbiased thus building confidence with your passives that you have properly analyzed the new opportunity.  This includes doing a market survey supported by shopping the key subject properties.  A property manager with over 14 years operation experience will review each of your competitors and then compare what you offer to these other properties.  This not only includes the obvious basics of prices & sizes but also covers customer service and appearance of the overall community and details in the units reviewed.  This tells you how to do a better job selling prospects against YOUR competitor as well as changes or upgrades to your units that will make them stand out.


Other items handled during feasibility are an evaluation of the staff particularly whether they are worthy of working for you.  Investors Freedom is able to see where the owner is directing them wrong versus whether the staff is just lazy and incompetent.  Unit walk throughs are done and the residents are engaged to get their true feelings toward both the community in general and the staff.  Reviews of the records are done to provide insight into possible issues.  Police reports are extracted and summarized.  Finally a report is produced summarizing all the findings and making good supportable suggestions for running the property to your advantage from day 1 on into the future.


Second, Investors Freedom will come to your property after you close and train your staff in the proper procedures to effectively run (improve) the operation.  They discuss processes that have to be in place to coordinate between office staff and maintenance staff.  Customer service and resident retention is stressed.  This helps the newer Leads that may not have all of the correct processes already defined.  It can also help Leads that may have created processes on the fly by having a very experienced property manager ‘turn-around artist’ tweak them.


Third, Investors Freedom will come back for a “check-up” to insure all opportunities have been optimally exploited.  Like it or not, after the first year it is too easy to leave the property on “auto-pilot”.  Periodic reviews help you to insure you are getting everything out of the property in terms of cash-flow and increased value.  This is like hiring a supervisor for a week to review and fix any issues that you may have developed.  For Leads that have not grown big enough to hire a full-time experienced supervisor, here is a way to fill that gap.  For those Leads that do have a supervisor, this may be a way to review what they are doing and/or augment the tools and ideas that your person has.  It is a very simple way to get the most out of your investment.


The largest success for principal in this company, Sheri Burton, was a 90 day turn-around on ABC apartments, a 695 unit community.  She was brought in to fix the issues and fine-tune the operation.  In 90 days she had raised the NOI $60,000.  That is a not a typo!   While she will not promise that kind of result; there should be no trouble raising your monthly cash-flow more than her fees.  What’s the worst case – you find out you are perfect.  Do you really think there is no opportunity to improve?


Investor's Freedom is exactly that:  freedom from the worry that your multi-family investment is not running as efficiently, productively and legally as it should be -- as it MUST be.

Sheri Burton does it all:

Your staff, both managerial and maintenance, will be instructed on time management and given the tools to set up a more efficient operation -- thus making their jobs easier and less stressful. Happy employees are good employees.

Leasing staff will be coached on interacting with residents, both potential and current, to facilitate leasing, renewals and resident satisfaction. Use of the Red Book to avoid legal missteps is emphasized.

Vacants are walked to instruct staff on what to look for as regards cleaning and make readies. Small things that might otherwise be overlooked make a big difference in leasing a unit. Common areas are walked for the same reason. She'll show you and your staff how to best present and market your property.

You, as an owner, will be given direction as well. Learn what to expect from your employees and contractors and how to become aware of what is actually going on at your property. Staff accountability plus help and advice on hiring, firing and negotiating are all part of what Investor's Freedom has to offer.

Sheri also sweeps floors and cleans windows. She's not afraid to answer your phones, talk to vendors and get her hands dirty. You will learn a lot simply by watching her work. Investor's Freedom will make your life easier and your investment more profitable

James Hull

Fabulous vendor!!  I started working with Sheri just as I went into Feasibility on a new deal.  She helped assess the place and did an independent market survey; which was one of the vest I have ever seen.  Even with all the training I received, her 14 years experience turning around weak operations really showed itself.  I am almost reluctant to recommend her because I would rather keep her as my secret weapon!  She would be good both during the initial stages and after a year or two when YOU think it is running good, she will show you what you missed.

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